Large Cinamon Bear on Montane Trail in Fernie

Tuesday June 28.

A large light brown colored black bear (could easily be mistaken for a grizzly) has been seen throughout Montane trail the last few days.  Keeping safe while travelling in bear country is simple, hike or ride with others, talk or sing to let bears know of your presence, carry bear spray and know how to use it.  Never approach or feed a bear and never run from bears.  Remember, the best bear encounter is the one you avoid.

As the Elk Valley continues to grow and develop with more people living and recreating in bear country, so does the need for education.  Over 130 front line staff from Island Lake Lodge, Fernie Alpine Resort and the Raging Elk Hostel have learned the basics of preventing encounters with wildlife and how to safely use bear spray.  Thanks for passing on your knowledge to our visitors.

To learn more about staying safe in bear country drop by our display in Fernie at Canada Day and July 2nd at WildCat Days in Elkford.  On July 3rd WildSafeBC will be doing a short session on wildlife safety and use of bear spray at the Role and Sole event in Fernie and then with the Fernie Flyers children’s mountain bike camp.

To report wildlife in conflict call the Conservation Officer Service reporting line on 1-877-952-7277

To learn more visit www.wildsafebc.comraging elk bear safety

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