The Causeway Bay Hotel in Sparwood upgrades to Bear Resistant Dumpsters

Thank you to the Causeway Bay Hotel in Sparwood who has shown commitment to preventing human/wildlife by upgrading to  bear resistant dumpsters and thank you to all Sparwood residents who have bear proofed their properties and are keeping garbage indoors until the day of collection.

The Bylaw Officer and WildSafeBC conducted an evening patrol in Sparwood Heights and the Elk Valley Mobile Home Park last night causeway bay dumpsterchecking for garbage out on the curb the night before collection which is a bear attractant. Six written warnings and one verbal warning were issued.

Keeping garbage indoors and inaccessible to wildlife and securing attractants is the best way to keep wildlife wild, communities safe and prevent the needless destruction of bears.

One thought on “The Causeway Bay Hotel in Sparwood upgrades to Bear Resistant Dumpsters

  1. Good morning – I was quite upset to read this on the district facebook page this morning. I am Joanne Wilton, the manager of Causeway Bay in Sparwood. The District had absolutely nothing to do with this initiative. After managing the Causeway for four years and trying every year to work with Public Works on the bins they supply us with I had had enough. I decided to call Southeast Waste Management and inquire about whether they could provide me with two bins and the servicing of such. I then informed the District that I would be doing this despite the fact that we still have to pay for basic garbage pick up through them. The post you put up was incorrect and surprising since nobody from your organization spoke to me regarding the situation.

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