Bears reported in Sparwood, West Fernie and Moose on Eric’s Trail

Sunday September 11.  A bear and cubs have been reported throughout Sparwood;  Sparwood Heights, Pine Avenue, Cedar Drive by the high school and Juniper Crescent the last few days.  Bear sightings reported in the park behind Riverside Drive in West Fernie.  A mooseBear_Garbage_Can was seen by mountain bikers by the junction of Kids Stuff and Eric’s trail in Fernie.

For your own safety and to help keep our wildlife wild, keep your garbage locked up between collection days, clean up fruit trees and secure all other bear attractants for the next two months.

Garbage, fruit trees, birdseed and pet food etc. attract bears to your property making it more likely for the bear to break into your home creating a safety risk for your family and a death sentence for the bear.

Please share this with family, friends and neighbours.  It is everyone who lives in bear country’s responsibility.



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