Help keep these Elk Valley Grizzly bears wild

These two very healthy looking wild grizzly bears have been seen by the Welcome to Sparwood sign on Highway 3.  Do not approach or feed the bears, clean up all attractants to help keep them wild.


Bears reported accessing garbage on Ponderosa and Engleman Spruce in Sparwood Heights and at the CP rail bunkhouse, hospital and high school dumpsters.  Grizzly bear sightings reported by the Welcome to Sparwood sign west of town and at the transfer station.


Bear sightings reported on 12 th avenue, dike trail in the Annex Park, by the off leash dog park in the annex, Mt Proctor, by the cemetery, West Fernie and on Queen V and cemetery bypass trails in Ridgemont. It’s a beautiful time to be out on the trails but remember that wildlife like people will choose the path of least resistance, our favorite trails.  Be prepared and expect to encounter wildlife anytime.


A bear was reported breaking into a car to get to food left in the vehicle.   Remember not to leave food or garbage in vehicles or in the back of pickup trucks.  A bear breaking into a vehicle will cause significant damage and eventually lead to human/wildlife conflict and the destruction of the bear.  Bear sightings reported on Balmer Crescent, Champlain and Chimo Drive.  Cougar sightings reported by the mobile home park at the ski hill and on Galbraith Drive.

Thank you for keeping garbage secure between collection days (in a garage, shed or indoors) or take excess garbage to the transfer station or to public bear resistant dumpsters.  Clean up fruit trees and secure any other wildlife attractants.  Thank you for sharing this message.  The end result will be a cleaner and safer community and help prevent the needless destruction of bears that come into conflict with people.

We live in wildlife habitat. Be aware of your surroundings and respectful of the environment.  If you observed dangerous wildlife

  • accessing garbage or other human supplied food sources
  • that cannot be scared off
  • a bear, cougar or wolf seen in an urban area

Call the Conservation Officer Service Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) 24 hr hotline on 1-877-952-7277. This allows officers to identify current hot spot locations and work with both residents and wildlife to encourage use of natural habitats and food sources before wildlife becomes habituated and/or a safety concern.

For more information on keeping communities’ safe and wildlife wild please visit, or follow us on Facebook WildSafeBC Elk Valley.








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