Bear and cubs behind the skatepark in Fernie

Wednesday May 31.  At 3 pm this afternoon a brown colored black bear and cub were seen in the bushes behind the trail by the skatepark in Fernie.  Signage has been placed and the trail head has been closed off with orange tape.  Please avoid this trail until further notice.

If you see the bears, stop, stay calm, use your voice to identify yourself as human, back away slowly and leave the area.  Please report sightings of bears in residential areas to 1-877-952-7277.

For more information on wildlfie safety go to www.wildsafebc.comorange lawn sign west fernie

One thought on “Bear and cubs behind the skatepark in Fernie

  1. Most of the bear proof trash bins found around town are in disrepair. Many have lids that don’t close completely. This is the case with the one at the skatepark. Add to that the assortment of garbage that litters that park it won’t be long before mama bear and her cub wander over to the park.

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