Bears seen in Mt Fernie Provincial Park, by the Ammonite trail and Josephine Falls

Expect to see bears near campgrounds

Wildlife update Monday July 31


A bear and two cubs have been seen throughout the Mt Fernie Provincial Park, in the Sherwoody trail network area and by Dem Bones and Mushroom Head trail.  A bear and cub were also seen at the start of the trail to the Ammonite by the creek just off Coal Creek Road.


Grizzly bear sightings have been reported by Josephine Falls.    

It is camping season.  Here a few things to remember when out camping.

To stay safe and protect the wilderness when camping in bear country, keep two goals in mind:

Preventing encounters with wildlife and keeping  a clean campsite.


keep food, toiletries or anything that smells in your tent, this could attract bears.

Cook near your sleeping area

set up your tent on a wildlife travel path or near berry bushes.

Feed wildlife, ever


Store food in lockers provided or in the trunk of your vehicle

Keep camp area clean and free of garbage

Clean up immediately after cooking

Backcountry camping

If you are camping in an undeveloped area use the triangle approach to setting up your campsite

Your tent, cook area and food storage should be 100 metres apart and form a triangle.

If possible your food should be hung 4m off the ground and 3 m away from a tree

Make sure your tent is not on a wildlife travel path or near berry bushes.

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