Two cougars destroyed near Island Lake Lodge in Fernie

On August 12, 2017 the Fernie COS was forced to destroy two sibling immature cougars near the Island Lake Lodge. The approximately 2.5 year old cougars were destroyed due to the risk they posed to the general public. One healthy male and one underweight female cougar were destroyed by COs. The pair were sighted near the Island Lake Lodge area numerous times on separate occasion within a two week period. The cougars displayed abnormal behaviors by approaching the public and in one case a member of the public was forced to though rocks at one of the cougars in order to retreat to safety.

One thought on “Two cougars destroyed near Island Lake Lodge in Fernie

  1. Keep building in wildlife territory, maybe time to boycott some of these businesses that endorse this killing for the sake of money,

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