Bear sightings on Parkland Terrace and RDEK to incorporate “Bear Smart” guidelines for new developments

Bear sightings have been reported on Parkland Terrace in Fernie and throughout the recreational trail network in Fernie.  Guidelines to mitigate human/wildlife conflict will be incorporated into future planning for new developments throughout the RDEK.  On August 30th WildSafeBC presented to the RDEK Board in Cranbrook.  I am pleased to report that strategies to reduce the availability of garbage and other attractants such as fruit trees, livestock and bird feeders, in order to mitigate human/wildlife conflict, will be considered as part of the solid waste management plan review and future planning processes throughout the RDEK.

As development, tourism and trail use continue to increase in the RDEK so does the potential for human/wildlife conflict and highlights the importance of:  keeping garbage inaccessible to wildlife, continuing educational efforts, promoting responsible trail use and enforcing bylaws.  WildSafeBC Coordinators look forward to the opportunity to work with new developments throughout the RDEK and continue working towards keeping people safe and wildlife wild.


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