Hunter attacked by grizzly bear just outside Fernie

A hunter was attacked by a female grizzly defending her cub this past weekend outside Fernie. Bears defend three things, their food, their young and their space.  It appears the hunter was at the wrong place at the wrong time.  When we choose to hunt, hike, bike or live in bear country we must be prepared to encounter bears anytime.

The safest wildlife encounter is one prevented. Your best defense is to be aware of wildlife in the area.


  • Make Noise to avoid a surprise encounter (use your  human voice, clap hands or two rocks together – especially near running water or in dense brush)
  • Carry a walking stick (adults can carry Bear Spray in a side holster)
  • Walk in groups
  • Keep dogs leashed and/or under voice control


     If you encounter a Bear:


  • Let the bear know you are human (arms out to side)
  • Use your voice in a calm, assertive manner.
  • Back away slowly and allow the bear an escape route
  • Never turn your back on wildlife
  • Do not approach or feed wildlife

There have been reports of animal remains being dumped in areas adjacent to recreational trails attracting grizzly bears and jeopardizing the safety of trail users. For your own safety and that of other backcountry users please take all animal remains to the transfer station.  They must be split up, bagged and disposed of in household garbage.  Thank you.

Thanks for keeping pur grizzly bears wild



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