Grizzly bear and her cubs passing through backyards on Highline Drive in Fernie

highlone drive cubsTuesday May 15.  A grizzly bear and her cubs have been reported passing through backyards on properties on Highline Drive in Fernie Alpine Resort.  As residents in wildlife habitat it is our responsibility to prevent conflict between people, bears and other wildlife.  It is much easier to keep human food and other attractants away from wildlife in the first place, than it is to teach bears, cougars, deer, skunks and rodents to stay away from unnatural food, such as garbage that they have learned to enjoy.

Thank you for keeping garbage in a garage, shed or indoors inaccessible to bears and other wildlife. It is everyone’s responsibility in BC to prevent dangerous wildlife from accessing unnatural food on their property.  (BC Wildlife Act, Section 33.1).

Keeping garbage stored indoors, securing wildlife attractants (birdfeeders, BBQ’s, fruit trees, pet food) is the best way to keep people safe, prevent property damage, and avoid the unnecessary killing of bears that come into conflict with people.

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