A bear was reported accessing garbage left outdoors on Slalom Drive in Fernie over the weekend.

Bear Carrying Garbage - Kirk FriederichNow that the bear has learned where to find easy food he is likely to keep moving through other parts of town looking for food. Regardless of where you live in town, keep your garbage stored indoors, bring in bird feeders until the winter, keep barbeques clean and secure all other attractants and bears will move on.

Garbage Left Outdoors is a Wildlife Attractant

Keeping garbage indoors between collection days and keeping other attractants inaccessible to wildlife is the MOST EFFECTIVE way to keep people safe, prevent property damage and avoid the unnecessary killing of bears that come into conflict with people.  Thank you for keeping your waste cart stored indoors between collection days.

Don’t have anywhere safe and secure to keep your garbage between collection days?

You have options.  Excess garbage can be taken to the Transfer Station on Highway 3 free of charge or to the bear-resistant community bins that are accessible 24/7 at the following locations:  City Hall, Max Turyk Centre, Fernie Aquatic Centre, Fernie Memorial Arena and the Fernie Mobile Home Park.

Complying with Waste Regulation Bylaw No. 1845 and the BC Wildlife Act, Section 33.1, will result in a cleaner and safer community for wildlife and people.

For more information on wildlife safety go to www.wildsafebc.com












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