Bear accessing garbage on Slalom Drive and bear cub seen all over town and on Ridgemont bike trails

Wednesday June 6.  WildSafeBC and Bylaw Services have been around town in areas with current bear activity to deliver an educational message reminding people to keep garbage indoors between collection days.  We had many conversations with residents and are aware that there are many potential barriers to keeping garbage away from bears, (seniors, disabilities, no shed, no garage, no transport etc…).  We are pleased to report that many people are making great efforts and thank you.  It is up to us as a community to work together and help each other out.  We have chosen to live in bear country.

A bear was accessing garbage on Slalom Drive last night and dragging it up the bank.  Let’s hope that no one’s pet or child gets between the bear and his easy food source.  A cub has been seen all over town and on the bike trails. There is no mama bear around that we know of.

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