Bears reported accessing garbage in open and overflowing bear resistant dumpsters

Bear resistant dumpsters are only as bear resistant as the users!  We’ve had reports of bears accessing garbage from bear resistant dumpsters that were left open and/or overflowing with garbage.  The dumpster is only bear resistant if it closed and latched properly.  If the bin is full please do not dump garbage next to it.  Take it to another location, the bear resistant bins at F.A.R. in parking lot #4, the transfer station on Highway 3 or the public bins at City Hall, the arena or the aquatic centre.

Businesses please ensure that bins are emptied on a regular basis.   You may need to schedule an extra pick up after a busy weekend.  Thank you for ensuring that all of your guests are informed about the responsible disposal of garbage in bear country.   If you need support with this please contact

BBCub in Radium Bin[1]

For more information on preventing human/wildlife conflict go to

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