Is your bird feeder a bear feeder?

“Why do I need to bring in my birdfeeder”? We ask everyone to bring bird feeders inside during bear season (April to November), when birds have plenty of wild food sources and feeders can easily attract bears right into your yard or on to your deck.  Why do bears go for bird feeders? One pound of birdseed contains approximately 1700 calories and the average bird feeder will hold up to six pounds of bird seed.
A hungry bear is biologically programmed to pack in as many calories as possible. It takes a bear many hours of foraging on natural foods to get the 12 000 plus calories it can down in five minutes at a bird feeder.

Keeping garbage indoors between collection days, cleaning your BBQ after each use, bringing in bird feeders and securing all other attractants will result in a cleaner and safer community for people and bears.

For more information on preventing human/wildlife conflict go to

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