Aggressive Coyote reported in Elkford

The have been reports of an aggressive coyote in the Lamplighter area in Elkford.  If you encounter an aggresive coyote do not run as this could trigger an attack.  Back away slowly and speak to it in a loud firm voice.   If you have a walking stick use that to protect yourself, and/or deliver a series of hard kicks to the coyotes ribs and stomach to dissuade the animal.

Keep pets indoors, especially at night.  Cats and small dogs that are left to free range, hunt small birds and rodents can become prey themselves. coyote

Clean up and secure wildlife attractants on your property (garbage, pet food and bird feeders).   Report aggressive coyote encounters to the Conservation Officer Service, 1-877-952-7277

For more informaton on coyotes and wildlife safety go to

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