Bears reported on 5th Ave in Fernie and moose and bear sightings throughout the trail network

May 23, 2019.  Bear sightings were reported last night in the alley between 5th and 6th avenue and by the pond on 3rd street in Fernie.  Grizzly bear, black bear and moose sightings reported daily throughput the trail network surrounding Fernie the last few weeks.

Be prepared and expect to encounter wildlife anytime, anywhere!

At home:  Keep garbage indoors inaccessible to wildlife, bring in bird feeders and secure all wildlife attractants.  This will result in a cleaner and safer community for people and wildlife. Thanks for doing your part and encouraging family, friends and neighbours to do the same.

Hiking and Biking:  Make noise to warn wildlife of your presence, watch for fresh bear signs, carry bear spray and know how to use it and travel in groups in daylight.  If you meet a bear, back away slowly and leave.  Do not run.  Give the bear space to escape.

For more information on wildlife safety, go to   Call 1-877-952-7277 to report human/wildlife conflict.

bear sniffing garbage can

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