Ridgemont resident fined by Conservation Officer for putting garbage out the night before. Bears in Ridgemont and on 4th ave in Fernie.

May 31st.  Fernie garbage cans are not bear resistant and must be kept indoors and locked up.  The garbage cart in this picture was left outdoors in Ridgemont and accessible to bears.  The bear pried it open and proceeded to enjoy the buffet of food laid out for him.  The Ridgemont resident was issued a fine by the Conservation Officer Service.

At a glance, 40% of households keep the garbage cart (often sitting just outside the garage) baiting bears into town. Everyone comments, JUST FINE THEM!  Absolutely!  Here is the process:  Bylaw enforcement is complaint driven.  Bylaw Services will follow up when complaints are made. Go to the City of Fernie website and hit the tab “I want to report a problem or request service.”  Here is the link.  http://www.fernie.ca/EN/main/city/report-problem-request-service.html  The information remains confidential, will provide evidence and documentation and authorities can then follow up.  Thanks for helping us and reporting anyone who is attracting bears into town with garbage outdoors.

Complying with bylaws and removing wildlife attractants will result in a cleaner and safer community and prevent the needless destruction of bears that come into conflict with people. fernie bin damge_LI

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