People approaching and feeding a bear in Mt Fernie Provincial Park

People were reported approaching and “throwing food at a bear” in Mount Fernie Provincial Park on the weekend.  If you ever witness anything like this in a park contact park staff immediately if possible and call the Conservation Officer Hotline on 1-877-952-7277.  It is an offence in BC to feed wildlife.  Approaching and feeding bears contributes to habituation, they lose they fear of people; no longer behave like wild bears and often end up in conflict with people.

The bear in this picture is displaying defensive behaviour, swatting the ground with his paw and looking distressed.  The bear then ran up a tree to escape the threat (people).  This is normal behaviour for a wild bear.  Photo by Steven Szelei.

It is an offence in BC to provide food by intent or neglect to wildlife. BC Wildlife Act.

swatting paw steven szelei

climbing tree steve szelei

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