Bear sightings reported in Fernie parks and neighborhoods

Bear sightings were reported on Elk View Crescent, Slalom Drive, James White Park, annex Park, west Ferne dike trail and Montane trails recently.  The berry crop has dried up, apples are starting to ripen and garbage carts are left out doors providing easy food for bears.

When a bear gets food (garbage and apples) in your yard, it doesn’t know that your tolerance for bears is higher than your neighbors.  It learns that a house, lawn, bicycle and the faint smell of people comes with an easy meal.  It eats, learns and moves on.  Eventually it will find itself somewhere it is not welcome.  And when bears and humans are in conflict, the bear dies nearly every time.

Thank you for cleaning up fruit trees and keeping garbage indoors and inaccessible to bears between collection days.

bear eating apples

apple trees will attract bears to your yard

For more information on bear proofing your property go to

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