A previously captured and relocated bear had to be destroyed in the Elk Valley

A food-conditioned cinnamon-coloured black bear was destroyed by the Conservation Officer Service on June 28. This bear had been previously captured outside the community and relocated. It eventually made its way to Elkford and began repeating previous food-conditioned behaviour and was accessing garbage left outdoors. A resident was issued a violation ticket under the BC Wildlife Act for attracting dangerous wildlife to their property with unsecured attractants.

WildSafeBC urges the public to secure their garbage and food to avoid teaching bears to associate humans with sources of food. Food-conditioned bears are more likely to get into conflict with people and be a potential safety risk in the community. For more information on how to keep bears and other wildlife wild, please visit https://wildsafebc.com/species/black-bear/

Bear Carrying Garbage - Kirk Friederich

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