Heikos and Three sisters trails are closed until further notice

More people hiking, biking and camping in grizzly bear habitat will increase the potential for human wildlife conflict.  Recreation Sites and Trails BC have closed Heikos and The Three Sisters Trails until further notice in order to help prevent human/grizzly bear conflict.  Regardless of where you choose to go to recreate you are in grizzly bear country. 

On the trails:  Be prepared andexpect to encounter wildlife anytime.  Make noise to warn wildlife of your presence, watch for signs of wildlife, fresh tracks and scat, carry bear spray and know how to use it. If you encounter wildlife, back away slowly and leave.  Never approach or feed wildlife.  Report encounters to 1-877-952-7277.

At home:  Keep all garbage stored securely indoors until you dispose of it responsibly.   Avoid using bird feeders during bear season and manage your fruit trees, compost and other attractants responsibly. 

Visit https://wildsafebc.com/ for more information

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