Grizzly bear sightings reported in Hosmer, Black bear families throughout Fernie

Grizzly bears have been reported throughout Hosmer this past week, passing through yards and even getting onto decks!  Black bears have been reported throughout Fernie.  There are currently three groups of bears that we know of.   A large brown sow with a black yearling cub, a sow with two cubs of the year and a large single black bear.  They have been seen in James White park, Dogwood park, along the dike, by the Leroux Mansion, all along 4th avenue, by the Montane Barn, Slalom Drive, FMHP and Montane Development. 

Be prepared and expect to encounter bears anytime.  At home, bear proof your property and know what to do if you encounter a bear on a trail!  Visit for more information.

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