Grizzly Bear and 2 cubs reported on Montane Trails this am

Grizzly bear and 2 cubs reported by Montane Adaptive Trail at 7:30 am today (May 13). Yellow arrow indicates approximate location. Remember, bears travel great distances to search for food.
When you choose to recreate in grizzly bear country be prepared. Make noise to avoid surprise encounters and have bear spray accessible just in case. Visit or more safety tips.

montane griz

Grizzly Bear and Cub reported at the Cokato Rd and Mt McLean junction in Fernie today (May 11)

Be prepared and expect to encounter bears.  Remove anything that may attract bears to your property.  If you see a bear, stop, stay calm and identify yourself as human and back away slowly.  Please report human wildlife conflict to the Conservation Officer Service on 1-877-952-7277. For more information on grizzly bears and safety visit

Spawood grizzly sherry

Grizzly bear seen by the Cedars and aggressive moose reported on Kiddy up Trail in Fernie

May 8.  A grizzly bear was reported on the trail by the Cedars and by Highway 3 opposite the Stanford Inn and a moose was reported charging at and injuring a dog on Kiddy up trail in Fernie yesterday.  Moose are not normally aggressive but can be very dangerous if approached or startled.  Never approach or feed wildlife.  Call 1-877-952-7277 to report human/wildlife conflict.  For more information on wildlife safety go to


moose deserve their space and privacy

Grizzly bear sightings in backyards this morning at Fernie Alpine Resort

Monday May 4.  The grizzly bear in the photo below has been reported passing through yards on Highline Drive and Boomerang Way at Fernie Alpine Resort this morning.  Remove anything that may attracts bears (garbage, bird feeders, pet food) from your property.  For more information on grizzly bear safety go to

photo by Marianne Agnew

Daily Bear Sightings Reported in The Cedars, Fernie

Spring is the best opportunity to help keep wildlife wild and people safe.  It is much easier to keep human food and other attractants away from wildlife in the first place, than it is to teach bears, cougars, deer, skunks and rodents to stay away from unnatural food, such as garbage that they have learned to enjoy. Thank you for keeping garbage in a garage, shed or indoors inaccessible to wildlife and securing anything else that may attract wildlife to your property.   The end result will be a cleaner and safer community for wildlife and people. spring attractant checklist

Bear Sightings Reported on Fernie Alpine Resort Trails over the weekend

A black bear and cubs reported on the Boom Trail by the base of the Boomerang chairlift and grizzly bear sightings reported on Double Creek Trail (adjacent to the Silk trail, a popular fat bike and xc ski trail).

As the snow melts be prepared and expect to encounter bears anytime.  For more information on bear safety go to

Bear sightings reported throughout the province

Spring is the best opportunity to keep wildlife wild and communities safe.  Here is a screenshot of our Wildlife Alert Reporting Program (W.A.R.P.) for the province for bear sightings reported in communities between April 1st and April 20th.

Keep garbage inaccessible to wildlife, bring in bird feeders and secure all other wildlife attractants and bears will move on to feed on natural food.  The end result will be a cleaner and safer community for people and bears.  Visit  to learn more about wildlife and safety.WARP april 1 to 20