Bear sightings on Highline Drive at Fernie Alpine Resort and Wapiti ski hill in Elkford

Garbage is fast food for bears!

May 25.  A small black bear was reported on a deck and pressing against the window on Highline Drive in Fernie and a bears have been reported on hiking trails at the ski hill in Elkford.  Remember not to keep any garbage on your deck or backyard.  This may result in bears becoming bolder and even entice them to enter your home.

Black bear family seen on Pine Avenue in Fernie

May 19.  A black bear and her two cubs have been seen on Pine Avenue in Fernie.  Bear cubs learn to forage for food from their moms.  You can help this family of bears stay wild and healthy by keeping garbage indoors until collection day, taking down bird feeders during bear season and securing all other attractants.  Let’s help mamma bear teach her cubs to feed on natural food not garbage!

Grizzly Bear Encounters in Sparwood

May 17.  Sparwood residents encountered a Grizzly bear while walking by the river behind the recreational centre.  The same bear has been seen by Garret Sand and Gravel and by Olson Pit on Hwy 3.  A black bear was seen on Ski Hill rd at Fernie Alpine Resort.

 A mountain biker reported a fresh moose kill on Red Sonya bike trail in Fernie.  Avoid this area if possible as this kill is likely to attract bears and cougars.  For more information on bear safety please visit .

Grizzly and black bear sightings in the Elk Valley

May 15.  Grizzly bears have been reported on Cypress Drive in Sparwood. Black bears are getting into unsecured garbage at Fernie Mobile Home Park and on Dicken Road.  A sow and cub were seen by the entrance of the Cemetary Bypass Trail in Fernie.

We have chosen to live in bear country.  Lets work together to keep our community safe for bears and peolple.  Bring your garbage indoors and remember to take down your bird feeders during bear season.


Grizzly and black bear sightings on Fernie Mountain biking trails

Grizzly and black bear sightings have been reported at the following locations the last 24 hours;  junction of River road and Coal Creek May 8th around  7pm, Roots and Hyperventilation trails, in the Ridgemont subdivision 2 grizzlies were seen headed up Brads Gay Trail towards the Ridgemont trails at 7pm, bear sightings also on roots and hyperventilation trails.

Recent reported bear sightings

Bears have been reported at the following locations in Fernie, Whats up Doc bike trail, by the heli pad on Burma rd, Cedar Bowl Crescent, Cunliffe road and behind the Chamber of Commerce.

It’s that time of the year and bears are coming out of their dens.  Please put thought into preventing conflict with bears by making noise to warn them of your presence when travelling through bear country and by keeping your garbage indoors, bringing in bird feeders and securing all other attractants.

Two black bears seen in downtown Fernie

Two black bears (mom and cub) were seen on a slope in the area behind Overwaitea in downtown Fernie, heading towards the Fernie Aquatic Centre at around 12pm today.

If you see them anywhere else in town please report it to the RAPP line as soon as possible – 1-877-952-7277 so we can make sure they get to a safe place to hibernate.