Grizzly bear sighting reported at the top of Kiddy up trail in Fernie

Friday June 23rd, 7:45 am.  Mountain bikers have just reported a grizzly bear sighting at the top of Kiddy up Trail in Ridgemont.

Spawood grizzly sherry

The bear was heading towards Whats up Doc.  With the warmer weather bears will be moving up from the valley bottoms to feed and will use the path of least resistance, trails, to travel.   Be prepared and expect to encounter bears anytime, expecially early morning and evening.  Make noise, travel in groups and carry bear spray.

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Staff at Fernie Alpine Resort learning about wildlife encounters and bear spray

Thanks to all the staff and management at Fernie Alpine Resort for your interest and efforts to prevent human/wildlife conflict.  I know I can count on returning staff to lead by example, new comers to learn about wildlife and all of you to help educate Farour visitors and your families and friends.  The end result will be a safer place for wildlife and people.

Bear and cub seen daily on Fairy Creek /Swine Flu Trail

Wednesday June 21.  A brown coloured bear and cub have been reported hanging around by the cattleguard on the Fairy Creek/Swine Flu trail the last few days.bear family from fernieBears defend 3 things, their young. food and space.  Make noise to avoid surprising this mama bear and cub at close range.  Bears recognize the human voice and will avoid you in most instances.

If you encounter a bear, do not yell, scream or run, this could trigger an attack.  If the bear sees you, speak in a low calm voice to let the bear know you are human and back away slowly.

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Bear resistant communal dumpsters available for public use 24/7 in Fernie

If you miss garbage day or have no shed or garage to securely store garbage between collection days remember that you can take garbage to the communal bear resistant dumpsters free of charge 24/7 in Fernie.  Garbage accesible to bears, under the carport, on the porch or in the backyard is the root cause of human/bear conflict in BC communities.

The dumpsters for public use are identifired by a ” Keep Wildlife Wild” sticker and are located at :  City Hall, Max Turyk, Arena, Aquatic Centre and Fernie Mobile Home Park.  Thanks for spreading the word and helping prevent the needless destruction of bears in Fernie.

public br dumpster

Moose and calf on Lazy Lizard Trail

Tuesday June 13.  A moose and calf were reported on the Lazy Lizard Trail earlier today.  You never know what is around the corner!.  Make noise to warn wildlife and other trail users of your presence.

Moose Safety Tips

  • Never approach a moose. Give the animals a wide berth and ensure they always have an escape route.
  • Female moose with calves need extra space. Moose cows are very protective of their young and may attack if they perceive a threat. If you come across a cow and calf, calmly leave the area immediately.
  • Be aware of moose body language. A threatened moose may lower its head and flatten its ears before charging. If you see these behaviours, find an escape route.
  • If a moose does charge you, getting inside a nearby building or car is the safest option, but hiding behind a large tree or other solid object may effectively block the charge.
  • Dogs and moose don’t mix. A moose can seriously injure or kill a dog if it feels threatened. Likewise, loose dogs can harass moose, causing undue stress. Never let your dog out if there is a moose in your yard.
  • Use caution when walking dogs, keep them under voice control and/or leash. Dogs chasing wildlife may result in human/wildlife conflict.

For more information on wildlife safety, go to  Local WildSafeBC program moose and calves

Montane trails grizzly bear update Fernie

Monday June 12, 2pm.  There have been no further reported sightings or signs of activity of the grizzly bear and cubs that bluff charged a mountain biker yesterday when she surprised the bear at close range.  The incident happened 500 meters away from the trail head by the River Road Extension bridge yesterday afternoon.  The trail is now open but enter at your own risk.  Be prepared and expect to encounter bears anytime.  Fernie is bear country.elk valley trail

Mountain biker bluff charged by Grizzly bear and cubs on Elk Valley Trail

Sunday June 11, 1pm.  A mountain biker was bluff charged 3 times by a grizzly and her cubs when she surprised her at close range on the Elk Valley trail on the riverside part of the trail past the river road extension bridge and half way to where it connects to Montane.  Please stay out of this area until further notice.  The incidenit is being investigated.

For bear safety tips go to www,wildsafebc.combears and bikes screenshot

Never approach unattended fawns

It is fawning season fofawbr deer.  Deer are normally timid animals but if they become habituated to humans they can become a danger.  Never approach a deer, especially if it has young with it.  Fawns are spotted when they are newborn to help camouflage them while they are left unattended by the doe as she goes off to feed.  Never approach or touch unattended fawns.

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Bear sightings on Ponderosa Dr Sparwood and throughout downtown Fernie

Ponderosa drive sparwood

This bear was photographed in a backyard on Ponderosa Drive in Sparwood this morning.  The gate was left open, the bear wandered in.  There are no attractants on the property and the bear scared off when the resident clapped her hands.  A young black bear being curious who has not learned to feed on garbage.  Let’s keep it that way thanks.

A black bear was reported early yesterday behind the BC Hydro site by the skatepark in Fernie.  A bear and cub have been seen frequently the last few days in the green space opposite Dogwood park.

We live in bear country.  Be prepared and expect to encounter bears anytime.

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